Jingle All the Way! Sound Beginnings Children Share Their Holiday Cheer

Sound Beginnings students with reindeer antlers and bells during the Christmas program

Classes at Sound Beginnings have been hard at work learning new skills this school year. At Sound Beginnings, our highly skilled teachers and therapists teach children with hearing loss aged one month to six years old how to listen and talk. Each December brings a heartwarming gift: the annual Sound Beginnings Christmas program.

Sound Beginnings students with reindeer antlers during the Christmas program

The youngest Preschoolers combined with the Toddler program to sing “Jingle Bells” for the gathered family and friends. Even with the vast sea of faces in the audience, these small children sang and jingled their bells with excited glee.

A Sound Beginnings student talking with Santa

The audience roared with laughter as the Pre-K class shared their favorite Christmas jokes that poke fun at language. One of the favorites: “What is a snowman’s favorite cereal?” Answer: “Frosted Flakes!” After singing and tapping percussion sticks, the class eagerly recited lines from an original fractured fairytale they had written, “The Gingerbread Elsa.”

A Sound Beginnings student talking with Santa

The Kindergartners channeled their inner reindeer as they presented a skit about a very sick Rudolph. Each Kindergartner suggested a helpful remedy for sickness. They offered tissues, a blanket, hot chocolate, even an empty bowl. But they discovered that Rudolph could only be healed by the Spirit of Christmas. The children then each shared what they love best about Christmas: visiting family, opening presents, and opening presents again.

The last heartwarming performance brought all of the Sound Beginnings children together to sing a parody, “It’s Christmas Time.” The children loved singing about snow, sledding, and fun winter activities. The magical performance ended with a visit by Santa Claus. Much to their delight, each child sat with Santa to share their hopes for Christmas this year.

Enjoy the 2019 Sound Beginnings Christmas Program