Parent Training and Support: Providing A Foundation for Effective Daily Management for Children with Hearing Loss

Presenter Mike Twohig

Featured Presenter Dr. Michael Twohig at the Parent Training and Support Workshop

Children with hearing loss occurring early in life have opportunities to develop language on par with their typical hearing peers. As a result of newborn hearing screening, children are routinely being identified with hearing loss prior to three months of age and fitted with hearing aids. Almost 95% of children with hearing loss are born to hearing parents, and most of these parents choose to communicate with their children using listening and spoken language, which requires consistent and effective use of hearing aids and language intervention.

Young children with hearing loss are dependent on their parents to manage intervention during early years critical to their development, and parents’ ability to effectively integrate recommendations in daily life is foundational for intervention success. Audiologists and early intervention professionals not only need to provide current evidence-based services, but also must to address parents’ learning and emotional needs related to their child’s hearing loss. Health care professionals often are not well prepared to adequately support parents with their adjustment needs. Training, such as this workshop can help providers learn how to incorporate effective methods of communication with parents to help them attain targeted intervention goals, leading to improved child outcomes.

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