Sound Beginnings Celebrates Mothers Day

A mother with her daughter at Sound Beginnings. Both wearing silly hats A mother and her two sons enjoying a snack at Sound Beginnings

Sound Beginnings students honored their mothers at our annual Mother’s Day Brunch. Students and their mothers gathered to enjoy breakfast and some special time with one another. Parent involvement plays a huge role in the listening and spoken language development of our students. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Sound Beginnings mothers (and fathers) for being so involved in helping their children reach their full potential. The time our students spend with us each week at Sound Beginnings is relatively small in relation to the total hours in the week. We commend families for the time and great effort they put forth in providing meaningful listening and language opportunities for their children. The collaboration with parents and the carryover of classroom and speech therapy activities helps us tremendously as we work together to help our students meet their goals. So again, thank you to our families for all they do and to all the mothers, “Happy Mother’s Day!”