Summer Program Success

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Typically, during the three months of summer vacation, students experience a regression in mathematics achievement. In contrast, during the summer of 2012, 31 Cache Valley rising fifth-graders with mathematical learning difficulties made significant gains in their understanding of mathematical concepts. Thanks to a generous donation in memory of Linda Ann Weeshoff, free tutoring services were offered to rising fifth-grade students who had been identified by their fourth grade teachers from the Logan City an Cache County School Districts as students with mathematical learning difficulties. Over the 10 weeks of summer, students participated in an average of 10 sessions, including pre-testing, 8 tutoring sessions, and post-testing. Forty-three percent of the students were female and 56 percent were of low socio-economic status (identified by qualification for the schools’ free/reduced lunch programs). Seven students were receiving special education services for mathematics learning in the school district.

Tutoring sessions focused on two areas of mathematical development: number sense and number operations. All individual tutoring sessions were structured to meet the specific needs of each individual child. Results of the Mathematics Reasoning Inventory pre- and post-testing indicated that students made significant gains in achievement in both number sense and basic operations (i.e., subtraction, multiplication, and division). These gains showed large effect sizes, indicating that the intervention was highly effective for the students. Learning trajectories showing student progress between the pre- and post-testing sessions were developed to document students’ ability to perform each number operation (subtraction, multiplication, and division) without assistance. Figure 1 shows the percent of students who developed mastery of each operation during the course of the tutoring sessions. All students (100%) reached mastery of subtraction, 84% mastered multiplication, and 72% mastered division. Data collected in the tutoring sessions is being used to produce four publications and curriculum developed for the summer tutoring is being shared with teachers and parents.

Fig. 1: Mastery of Number Operations; N=25.

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